Monday, October 10, 2011


Hot on the heels of my last post on the Topps Sports Club News 8" x 10" premium photos, the irrepressible Howard Schenker has sent along a scan of the Bobby Clarke photo:

You can see that the inscription is similar to the one on the Griese photo.  Now that is what I expected but when I went back to look at the Garvey photo at 1978, The Year It All Began,  it was lacking the inscription: and is "signed" in white ink, not black.  Gadzooks!

There is also a tagline I cannot make out in the lower right corner.  [Update 11/4/11: Howard Schenker comes through again-the tagline says Full-Color Print,Inc. (212 947-1060)]. The photos would come as part of a "kit" for each sport, something that will be looked at in a bit more detail once some more scans and recollections come in (and following a short break while me and Mrs. Archives visit the home of the National Archives this week).

I do want to try and find scans of the Joe Morgan and Dave DeBusschere photos; I am inferring their existence from other sites (that's why I stated "I think" in relation to the checklist) and would like to see the visual evidence of their existence. 

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Howard Schenker said...

The Garvey photo tagline is:

Full-Color Print,Inc. (212 947-1060)