Saturday, October 29, 2011


Still on a bit of a Hallowe'en theme, confectionery style, as I found this while trying to organize my hard drive.  I can't really add much to it as it speaks for itself except that I cannot recall my kids getting Bazooka in their candy sacks ever! We used to get the old five chew rolls or a regular tab on occasion but that practice seems to have passed.  Too bad.

Still, if you ever wondered how Bazooka was made, here is one version-enjoy:


Anonymous said...

In Europe, Topps offered a Bazooka bubble gum factory as a premium for a certain amount of wrappers.
The factory was a cardboard cut-out sheet which could be assembled/glued into a 3-D model.

This must have been in the late 60ies, I believe.

Any idea where to get one of these nowadays? Maybe a reader has one and would scan it for us for display or download.

toppcat said...

I have seen a scan of this Euro premium but it must be pretty scarce. The Net54 Vintage Non Sports Forum might be a source for a good shot of this item:

Anonymous said...

Almost one year of searching, and I still could not get hold of one. Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

Four years later, and still not seen a single one.

Anonymous said...

And another four years later, no luck. Giving up.