Saturday, February 11, 2012

Raks Bak

Continuing on through the hazy, crazy 70's in our Topps Rak Pak journey, 1971 turned out to be a whole lot like 1970.  The 71 baseball raks seem to be more abundant than the previous year's but other wise are virtually identical:

Except for the product code, it's a dead ringer for 1970.  I still get a chuckle out of the "new" designation that appeared each year. EDIT 11/5/14-The hole became smaller starting with 4th series baseball raks.

The football raks follow the baseball in form and relative availability:

Hockey also came back in '71 (although it may just be that the 70 raks are so scarce they defy googling):

Same look, same price! I don't believe O-Pee-Chee followed suit in Canada on the rak paks; wax, cello and vending look to be the main configurations up North for some reason.

The research I have done indicates no 1971 Basketball raks were produced. This being Topps, if one popped up I would not be surprised but I believe it would be a couple of more years for a rak full of hoops players.

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