Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Rare Raks

I have a few minutes before Mrs. Archives gets home and we can kick this year's Valentine's Day activities off so why not post on Rak Paks again?

As I wrote earlier this month, 1970 Football Raks are hard to find but Friend o'the Archive John Moran has come through with a scan, or more properly, a half dozen scans, indicating these Raks have grown in population since his last musings:

That one is unhung by the way......

What I suspect is a far rarer bird is this 1971 Basketball Rak, also sent in by the intrepid Mr. Moran.  Initially thought by me to be chimerical, it clearly is not. Behold it's semi-psychedelic brilliance:

That makes 1971 the first year will all four major sports represented in Raks. I am wondering now what the first Non Sports Post '67 Rak Pak was; seems like a good subject for some more research.

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