Friday, May 25, 2012

Playing Footsie

One of the neat things about Woody Gelman is that he was so enmeshed in different facets of popular culture he pops up in a lot of contexts that are not related to Topps.  Tooling around the WWW one day last year I stumbled across this little oddity, published by Price Stern Sloan, the people who gave us Mad Libs:

Yes, it is a bit risqué!  The copyright information reveals it was first published in 1964 while mine is an 11th printing from 1988. That is a pretty impressive run for a book with minimal graphics and text.  The whole book is only 32 pages and the cartoons are exactly what you would expect from the cover art:

I can't really track Sy Goodstadt too well at the moment but Mel Poretz was a lyricist and humor writer of some renown.  I assume Goodstadt also had something to do with the jokes whileWoody provided the graphics.  Here's one more look inside:

Not exactly highbrow stuff but a funny gag gift from that rack in the back of the variety store (you know the one).....

What's more, there were at least three sequels so they must have been doing something right!

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