Sunday, September 9, 2012

Continental Drift

Well cowpokes, we are all finding our way back to work and school following another summer, aren't we?  Yet another summer gone and all that left are memories, perhaps of a nice family trip.  Recently I stumbled across an eBay auction with an old edition (Vol 3, No.2) of The American Card Collector, a collector zine put out by Dr. Lawrence Kurzrok, who we have run into here and there.

What I liked about this particular issue is that it describes a trip Woody Gelman took to Europe in the Summer of 1953. It's a brief article and Woody is really just providing a little commentary on the various trading card sets he encountered on the Continent but it's amusing nonetheless:

I wonder what ideas Woody took back with him?  Certainly he noticed things that would turn up in later Topps sets. We also find out that Dr. Kurzrok collected tarot cards!

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