Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Poem

As threatened last time, another new discovery awaits today buckaroos!

As verified by the Topps Vault, a handful of sticker versions of 1965's Kookie Plaks have been showing up on eBay of late:

It's really impossible to tell from the scan but that is a sticker and the copyright on the front would indicate there was no printed back.  I wish a scan of the sticker back was available though.

The certificate of authenticity makes it quite clear what it is:

Kookie Plaks from 1965 are quite similar in appearance to the above sticker:

Similar but note the sticker has a T.C.G. copyright line on the front while the plak does not. The back of the plak shows us the copyright and also that is was mailable:

That back does not go with that front by the way.  Jack Davis did a lot of the artwork for the set but it actually was a creation of his circa 1959 as Kookie Plaks are just reissued Wacky Plaks from that year:

Again, not the right back for this front but the Wacky Plaks back has the copyright and is the template for the 1965 reverse.

Pretty wacky, huh?

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Unknown said...

Hello, I have about 20 or so of these stickers with tan backs. Would you know anywhere I can get additional information on them, such as a checklist, value etc.
Thank you, Gina