Sunday, January 27, 2013


As promised, there is a part 2 to the saga of the 1970  Racing Track Cards recently shown here in "layout" form. Friend o'the Archive Bill Cox is putting together both puzzles that came with the plastic Mini Model Cars in '70.  Well yours truly worked out a deal with Bill and a Soda Fountain Car Card now is ensconced at the Main Topps Archives Research Center.  Behold:

These are a strange size, just like the Racing Track Card they measure 2" x 3 5/8". The back is quite similar to the other subset as well:

I don't think the cards were made in Hong Kong, just the model cars. Oddly the Soda Fountain cards seem sturdier than the Racing Track ones; they are slightly stiffer.

Bill sent along a picture of his partially completed Soda Fountain Car.  What on earth was Topps thinking?!

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