Sunday, January 20, 2013

Track Work Ahead

Well, as I well suspected, I am not the only person out there who likes and collects the obscure Topps issues from even the most unknown sets. A while back I posted on a set of insert cards issued in 1970 called Racing Track Cards. These came with the Mini Model Cars of the same year and were designed to be put together like a puzzle to form a race track for the mini models. A collector named Bill Cox has been piecing together the race track and is just shy of being halfway there (21 cards comprise a full track):

I have traded him a piece he needs and am also going to nab a Soda Fountain Car Card from him, which I will show here of course once it's in my sweaty little hands.  Those were issued in the same packs as the race track pieces but there  are only 12 cards in that subset.

If anybody can help out with the remaining pieces for Racing Track Cards or the Soda Fountain Car , I can pass a message on to Bill.  I think it would be cool to see the completed track and he indictaes he has extra pieces to trade.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I just opened 24 packs of "mini model cars" and I think I may be able to add to the track, I have 6 that I don't see in the scan and I have 2 "soda car cards" to add to the puzzle. Out of 24 cards I got 11 different track cards and 3 different soda cards, only 5 of 24 packs had soda cards. Here is my list of duplicates #2(2)-#3(2)-#8-#14-#20(2) soda #4(2) I need #5-7-10-11-12-13-16-18-19-21 soda I have #4-8-9 Let me know if you have any to trade and pass this info along to Bill Cox. Thanks and keep up the good detective work.

Anonymous said...

I have over 100 packs of these things in my basement. They are doing nothing but collecting dust and I would be willing to sell some, many, heck all of them.

Unknown said...

Hello again Dave,
I just opened another box of Mini Model Cars and here is the breakdown
Soda Fountain = 13 total - #1(3) #2(1) #4(4) #7(2) #8-9-11 (1 of each) = 13 (7-different)
Racing Track = 11 total - #6(2) #7(1) #13(1) #14(1) #15(2) #18(1) #20(1) #21(2) = 11 (8-different)
I still need 4 of the race track-#12-16-17-19 and 5 of the soda fountain-#3-5-6-10-12
Send me your want list and duplicate list and maybe we can help each other out.
I have 2 of the last 3 that Bill Cox needs for the race track and he has a few duplicates of each series that I need, so I'm sure we will be doing some trading in the future. Keep up the good work, JT