Sunday, August 7, 2011


Just a quick note today kids, a nod to the Topps Archives auction held at The National this past week.   No, I did not have an auction but Topps did and they had some real doozies.  I am going to post something from their archives but not something, I don't think, that was auctioned last week.  I am talking about and drooling over this alternate 1957 Sandy Koufax picture, that shows Ebbets Field in all its glory:

What a great shot that is-even better than the one on his actual '57 card:

I would love it if Topps did a real, themed set focusing on the classic Ebbets Field, Yankee Stadium and Polo Grounds shots someday.  It will never happen, but an Archivist can dream.....

UPDATE:  August 10, 2011:  I just realized I inadvertently swiped the alternate Koufax scan from the fabulous Fleer Sticker Blog and not the Topps site-sorry Jon--too many tabs open at the time!  Click here for the Sandy scans and also some other sweet alternate poses.


Hackenbush said...

Beautiful shot. Very rich.

Eric C. Loy said...

I REALLY wish Topps would have released some of these in card form, especially of those who either never had a card, or those on odd teams. They had a pic on eBay of Jay Johnstone in a Cards uni, and one of Cecil Cooper in a Cards uni...those would have been great as inserts. One nice one was Dave Kingman in a Padres uniform.