Monday, July 2, 2012

BIN Waiting For You

I am not one to out an auction in most instances but there is a very interesting item up on eBay right now I am fairly certain no one is going to BIN. If you have $25,000 to spare you can own your very own 1968 3-D Easel, plus a stained Mel Stottlemyre card and a wrapper.  Here is a nice front view of it all:

Ol' Mel has a stain at the top; perhaps it was caused by contact with the gum?

Now we have seen the components of this before here at the Archives. What I like about this current auction though is we get to see the back of everything:

That easel has a very white back considering the toning on the front and matches the purity of the card's back. The pack is missing a card, the ingredients sticker that sealed it on the back and of course, the gum but there's no way to know if the pieces above were once wrapped together.

Here's the auction proper if you are interested. You can see this is a different easel than the one Rob Lifson offered many years ago. Will it sell at that price?  I'd guess not but you never know....

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