Thursday, January 15, 2009

Topps Certificates-Update

I've picked up a few more Topps retailer premium certificates and it is clear there were numerous varieties of these issued over the years. These were first discussed here, not too long ago. Note the "gams" back in the original post, it seems pretty common.

This certificate expired on March 31, 1947 and so far it is the largest one I have seen, 3" x 5" in size.

The reverse has some household goods and a pipe available but suggests looking at the Premium Merchandise Folder for more goodies.

This certificate, expiring 1/31/50, is the same as one I showed in my prior post but with a blue framing border scroll on front. As it turns out, the color of the scroll on front looks like it matches the color of the ink used on the reverse. This one has the "gams" back, which seems to be the most common one from this era.

Here's the one I showed last time, for comparison:

Interestingly, certificates were issued without the little sidebar. I thought this one might have had it cut off, or that maybe perforations had been used but it just seems like it's a "shorty", otherwise it looks mostly like the others of this ilk. It is also possible the sidebars disappeared around mid 1952 (1/31/52 expiry on the one below) as Topps started to concentrate on bubble gum and not mint gum. The Bazooka branding is becoming more prominent by now.

Also of note is a smaller certificate, printed on appealing (not) salmon colored paper. It too has the "gams" back. Bazooka grows in stature yet again (1/31/54 expiry):

I am beginning to think Topps could not produce anything without introducing a variation or two.

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Msdee6 said...

Just picked up some green ones just like the red one