Saturday, January 23, 2010


A brief respite from our checklist foray, blogophiles, which is fine as your webmaster is finding spare time scarce right now. So it is with an exhaled "phew!" that I present two scans forwarded by Friend o'the Archive (and soon-to-be Fleer historian) Jeff Shepherd concerning Topps Magic Photos.

You may recall these little developing solution cards were one of the first Topps issues in 1948/49 and that both penny and nickel packs were used to market the set. Well, the 5 cent packs held a six card panle and Jeff unearthed a scan on Eaby recently showing this rare bird:

That is the Iron Horse himself, Lou Gehrig in the upper right corner. Here is the back, which shows the score lines more clearly than on the front:

That is the first 6 card panel I have ever seen from this set-wow!

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