Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stand Up Guys

Happy 2010 intrepid readers!

Continuing on with last year's final post, presented are two more Topps prototypes provided by Scott Gaynor.

First up is another stab at a Punchout game:

And following we have an in-house presentation for baseball mini stickers:

These were probably produced around 1976, as evidenced by the player selection and team affiliations and I have to think they were developed together as the similarities are many.

This design of each eventually looks to have made its way in a modified format onto a product called Superstar Standups, sold by Topps in 1991 and having candy within. Surprisingly, these are not all that easy to find these days. Here is a scan I nabbed from Ebay, showing the 1991 product:

I remember this set from 1991 and recall the candy being pretty tasty! These come in both clear and colored containers. At least one type was a test but I am not certain which and have not extended my research into the 1990's in any event, although there was a lot of innovation at the time by Topps.

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