Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Here's To You, Mrs. Rockfeld

Much to my surprise, a gaggle of the 1970 Topps Teamates cards (aka Grow Power) showed up as BIN's on Ebay recently. While the condition was low and the prices high, four additional cards can now be revealed. Leading off with card # 1 we have the bean counters from Accounting & Budget:

Card No. 2 is a solo act; call it a rookie card even. Anne Rockfeld, here's to you!

Coming in at #5, Credit:

Very important to Topps, Marketing Management comes along at #12:

We now have one-third of the fronts checklisted and five of the backs. Your intrepid blogmaster will keep scouring the dustbins of the internet for more of these.


Todd Uncommon said...

Ha! Funny. I also think they missed a second 'm' in 'teammates'.

Otherwise, it makes the depicted subjects basically 'beverage buddies'
(tea mates).

I'm surprised that Topps hasn't resurrected this card format for something retro yet; maybe something like "Green Power" recycled cards with pictures of the legal department.

Anonymous said...

That’s my grandmother 😊